Google’s Releases Penguin 2.0

Yesterday, Google announced it had released another update to its algorithm.

The official date of the change was May 22 but because we are ahead of time in Australia I’m calling the change as yesterday for Australian readers.

The change is expected to impact 2.3% of search queries. This is a significant change though it may not be noticeable to a user searching on Google.

It has officially been labelled Penguin 2.0 because it is a major change rather than a refresh but it is actually the 4th update in the Penguin series.

We havent noticed any major changes in the ranking of our clients. However it is a good reminder to monitor your website traffic on a regular basis to see if there have been any major changes that have the potential to impact you.

Google have also announced a form to report web-spam.  You can find it here.

Already Search Engine news sites are reporting stories of what type of sites have been impacted. So far the sites impacted have predominantly been porn and gaming sites. There has also been some reports that some big brands like the Salvation Army have been impacted.