How to Get Your Site Indexed Quickly by Google


Many sites we see are not indexed in Google. This means that they will never be found in a search engine unless someone types the websites exact address in their browser to see their site. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get your site indexed quickly by Google.

The latest way is to use Google’s Fetch. ┬áThis new tool allows webmasters (and owners) to submit their site to Google so that it is indexed in Google. You can check out Google’s Webmaster Central blog for instructions on how to use the tool and get your website indexed quickly. I believe this is something that will now become standard procedure for many SEO companies.

How to Find Out If Your Site is Indexed

So how do you know if your site is indexed in Google? Simple. The main thing is to go to your Google Search page and then type in:

If you can see your pages on the search page then you know that you do not need to use the “Fetch as Googlebot” feature. If you can’t see your pages, then you should use this nifty tool.

What About Other Search Engines

Now, this feature only works with Google but if you want to make sure your site is indexed in other search engines, you have several options. A couple of these is to submit your website URL site to a service like or

Of course, if you use a blogging platform like WordPress you may not need to do this as new blog posts are pinged automatically.

Alternatively, you can list your site on a listing site like or Search engines tend to crawl high authority local directory listing sites regularly so chances are that your site will be indexed pretty quickly.